Frank Marino is the founder of MJIC, Inc, The Marijuana Investment Company, where he serves as Chairman and CEO. MJIC Frank has been involved in various capacities with innumerable high growth start-up companies across a broad range of industries, largely focused on technology, and has decades of experience in venture finance. He also has extensive experience in sourcing capital worldwide for both private and public companies, and has sat on the board of numerous companies and non-profit organizations. From 1996-2004 Frank was CEO and CIO of Namaste, Ltd., a highly successful private investment fund administered in Geneva, Switzerland, and focused on venture finance and pre-IPO finance.  He was President and co-founder of i-Bankers Securities, Inc., managing Initial Public Offerings and private placements in which hundreds of millions of dollars in capital was raised from investors worldwide.  

Frank has been licensed with FINRA since 1987, when he began his career as a Financial Planner for IDS American Express. He headed the investment banking division and served as the Executive Representative and Chief Compliance Officer of Marv Capital, Inc. (FKA Marino Capital Partners, Inc.), a New York-based investment bank focused on facilitating corporate debt trading in the secondary market. He has also owned and operated businesses with as many as 70 employees and in excess of $40 million in annual turnover. Frank graduated with honors from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business Entrepreneurial Studies program and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts and Sciences from the same University. He obtained a CIB from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Business, and graduated with honors from the European Studies program at Franklin College in Switzerland, with a focus on Italian language and culture. He grew up in Newport Beach, California, where he resides and has four beautiful children.