Frenchy was born a nomad at heart. His childhood passion for ancient history and archeology combined with a love for traveling and adventure were the deciding factors in his life choices. He was on the road by 18, and for twenty years moved from country-to-country, visiting ruins and museums, learning traditions and sharing local life, never stopping, always seeking new experiences, feeding on diversity and foreignness, never taking roots, treating the world as his classroom.

His travels brought him in different producing countries where he did most of his studies on Cannabis resin with local Hashishin who had been practicing their art for generations.

A deep understanding of traditional techniques and forty years of personal experience are at the core of his principle, to discover the science behind these traditions is what drives him today.

He is Aficionado’s official Hashishin; Aficionado is possibly the first seed company positioning its marketing strategy and the quality control of its breeding program on Hashish.

Frenchy is a writer for Weed World magazine and working on his first book, “The Lost Art of the Hashishin”.