Since dropping out of college in 1984 with the release of the first IBM PC’s James Slatic has been a “serial entrepreneur”.

Convinced of the opportunity presented by the PC, James started Rescom Enterprises with a professor from Cal State Fullerton to offer restaurants a way to computerize their inventories.

A string of start-ups followed in diverse industries such as:

  • Point-of-purchase advertising- LumaGraphx Group
  • Commercial Lighting- Lite 24
  • Mail Pre-sort- Master-Sort
  • Commercial Printing and Direct Mail- Creative Mailing
  • Internet Music and artist management- LoudEnergy
  • Tour Buses- LE Touring

In 1997 Creative Mailing had grown to a 350 employee firm and was acquired by a public company FYI, Inc.  James joined the mergers and acquisition team and in 2 years helped close deals for 7 companies with over $115mm in revenue.

In 2002, James invested in, and headed sales for, the start-up Great Spice Company which had 9 employees and $1mm in revenue. By 2009 Great Spice had grown to 65 employees and $12mm in revenue while serving clients such as Con-Agra, Campbell’s Soup, McCormick, Del Monte, and Unilever, and is the leading supplier of organic spices and seasonings in the US. After merging with the largest competitor in the organic seasoning market, the company relocated to Reno, NV and is now known as High Quality Organics. Preferring the atmosphere and excitement of new growth ventures James left day-to-day management while retaining his stock position on March 27, 2009.

On March 28, 2009 he started Highland Medical Packaging, LLC to do packaging for the fledgling Medical Cannabis industry, and has since become an activist in the national drug policy reform movement.

James also started to develop cannabis medicine based on CO2 extracted cannabinoids and pure CBD products. In 2014, James applied for and was awarded 3 licenses in Nevada covering cultivation, processing, and a dispensary in downtown Las Vegas.James’ affiliated companies control the license for the “Bhang” brand in California, Nevada, and Colorado, which is the largest infused products company in the industry.