Jason Beck is one of the first and most successful medical marijuana dispensary operators and marijuana cultivators in the United States.  Born with cerebral palsy, Mr. Beck is in the unique position of being a patient, caregiver, business owner, cultivation specialist, advocate and advisor in the fields of medicinal use and adult/personal use of marijuana. He brings a level of expertise that only such experience can provide.

A pioneer in the field, he served on the first Marijuana Task force in San Francisco, headed by District Attorney Terence Hallinan, as well as the task force headed by District Attorney Kamala Harris, now Attorney General of California, the first state in the US to approve use of marijuana.  When West Hollywood City Council sought to open a dispensary, Mayor John Duran contacted San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty to recommend a dispensary operator. Jason Beck was selected and invited to open what  is now the oldest dispensary in continuous operation south of San Francisco.

With over a decade of experience, Mr. Beck was instrumental in developing San Francisco's dispensary ordinance with Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi as well as West Hollywood’s medical cannabis ordinance, which includes on-site marijuana cultivation, and SB 420 with Assembly Member Mark Leno, which created the state license for possession and cultivation and the only bill to address the rights and protection for transportation of medical marijuana and related products.

He has become a key resource for state and local policy makers, working closely with other leaders in the field such as Dr. Donald Abrams, of UCSF Medical Center, the first doctor in the US to be granted medical marijuana research rights by the Food and Drug Administration.

As the first dispensary operator in West Hollywood to be granted a permit to grow marijuana, Mr. Beck has been cultivating and producing award-winning marijuana and edible marijuana products since 2004, while supporting and promoting the businesses of numerous other growers and producers. A dynamic self-starter and team player, he recently formed the Southern California Political Action Committee for Marijuana Legislation Reform.