Jean Talleyrand, M.D. has an internal drive to improve in health in the community. In his youth, he excelled in academics, athletics and community involvement. After completing a medical doctorate degree in Boston, MA, he moved to San Francisco for Family Medicine residency training. In residency, Dr. Talleyrand took on a personal project to analyze and compare health care systems in different countries. As a side-effect, of this project, he began to focus on the complementary and alternative medicine that other countries offer.  His first integrative health care office was started shortly after residency in an underserved area of San Francisco. In this practice, he learned of the benefits patients were receiving from cannabis. Subsequently, Dr. Talleyrand founded MediCann, Inc. Today, he employs multiple physicians throughout California who have evaluated over 200,000 patients over the past eleven years.  Along with a successful career and as a single parent, Dr. Talleyrand currently raises and cares for his two sons in Mendocino County, CA.