Matt Kumin is a civil rights attorney with a 40-year history working on civil rights issues throughout the country. Based in San Francisco, Matt joined the fight against the War on Drugs through his work with Tony Serra and Randy Daar in 1996 and initially counseled the few “medical cannabis clubs” in SF about their legal rights.

Over the past 10 years, Matt also worked to protect patients by suing cities and counties such as the City of Los Angeles, Sonoma County, and the City of Vallejo, which denied reasonable access to medical cannabis patients.

As the first president of the California Association of Cooperatives and co-founder of that organization in the late 1980’s, Matt was uniquely qualified to help organize consumer cooperatives for patients who wanted to organize associations pursuant to SB 420, beginning in 2004.  That strategy was later ratified by the California Attorney General in 2008. Matt set up scores of cooperatives since 2004.

When the U.S. Department of Justice cracked down on the industry in California in 2011, he organized and joined with six other attorneys to sue the United States Attorneys in California. 

He works with his colleagues throughout the United States to reform our drug laws and policies, to reform the criminal justice system, and to re-allocate scarce resources, currently wasted on criminalizing drugs, for education and treatment.  Concurrently with his work as a litigator, Matt has developed a lobbying and educational practice designed to help elected officials and regulators enact appropriate regulations in their jurisdictions.