Professor Oliveira is the founder and CEO of Oliveira Advisory Services (OAS), a global advisory and research organization. He is professor of economics and public policy. Widely recognized for his work in the public sector, Oliveira served as an elected and appointed official as a county supervisor, legislative judge for hazardous waste litigation, President of California State Association of Counties (CSAC), and Board Member for the California Public Employees’ Pension System (CalPERS). In 2005 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed Oliveira as the public agency representative to the CalPERS board. During the six year tenure at CalPERS he served as Finance Chair over seeing all budgeting, Risk Chair with specific focus to set up enterprise risk management for the organization, and served on every internal committee.

Currently he serves as an independent advisor and researcher to several national and international teams in the areas of public pension audits, pension economic trends, agribusiness risk/investment strategies, and academic research and entrepreneur development with the UC Academic system.