Tracy Ryan is the CEO of a California Mutual Benefit Non-Profit called CannaKids whose very creation was inspired by her own daughter’s brain tumor diagnosis. Using a team of oncology nurses to aid in dosing support CannaKids’ line of organic, lab tested, and terepene rich honey gold cannabis oil is used to treat patients from the ages of 8 months old to 80 years old that are afflicted by cancer, epilepsy, autism, Crohn’s disease, PTSD, and beyond.

After finding unheard of success in treating her own child’s disease, Tracy has spent the last few years of her life working on a global scale with families who are seeking education, and treatment options for their ill children & family members. With her eyes set on funding and spear heading an optic pathway glioma clinical trial using cannabis, Tracy is bringing together a team of scientists and doctors for a clinical research project with hopes of initiating the trial later this year. 

Tracy is also the CEO & creative mind behind which is a resource center for all things cancer treatment related, and a fundraising platform which will give back its profits to families who need assistance in covering their out of pocket medical expenses.   

In addition, the Ryan family is the key focus of many national news pieces that can be found on,, and on CNN, and in multiple documentaries that are slated to be released next year titled Weed the People & Canswers.